What is an overbite and how do we fix it?

Meet Dr Morgan Wishney

An overbite, which is where the upper front teeth overlap the lower teeth excessively, is a
common dental concern that can affect both aesthetics and functionality of a person’s mouth
and jaw. Specialist orthodontists are skilled at addressing overbites and will employ a range
of different techniques to align teeth and create balanced smiles. When you see Newcastle
Orthodontics, you are in the hands of a Board Certified Specialist Orthodontist who has
undertaken an additional three years of full-time specialty training in addition to full
qualifications in general dentistry.

Where do we start?

Your specialist orthodontist will begin the treatment journey to correct overbites with a
comprehensive assessment. This involves evaluating the degree of the overbite, jaw
structure, and overall dental health. Armed with this information, they will develop a
personalised treatment plan for you that may involve the use of various orthodontic

What are your treatment options?

Traditional braces are one treatment option often employed to correct overbites. Braces
exert gradual pressure on the teeth, encouraging them to shift into the desired positions.
Modern braces, such as Damon, are more discreet and comfortable than traditional braces.
Newcastle Orthodontics is the only specialist provider of Damon Braces in the Newcastle
and Hunter area.
In cases where discretion is a priority, clear aligners such as Spark®, offer an innovative
alternative. These custom-made, transparent trays gently guide the teeth into proper
alignment, providing a subtle yet effective solution for overbite correction.
In some cases, your specialist orthodontist may also use devices to guide the growth of the
jaw either before or during braces are applied. These appliances work to modify the growth
of the jaw, ensuring a more balanced and functional bite.

Regular check-ups and adjustments with your orthodontist are crucial throughout the
treatment period. This ensures that the overbite correction progresses as planned, ultimately
leading to a successful treatment of your overbite. If you’d like to discuss any concerns with
your teeth, including a possible overbite, book an appointment with the friendly team at

Newcastle Orthodontics who are your trusted specialist orthodontic professionals servicing
the Greater Newcastle area.

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