Orthodontic X-Rays and Why Should You Get Them?

Meet Dr Morgan Wishney

Before beginning orthodontic treatment with Dr. Morgan Wishney at Newcastle Orthodontics, it is important to understand the significance of orthodontic x-rays, specifically the lateral cephalometric (“lat ceph”) and orthopantomogram (“OPG”) x-rays.

So, what are dental x-rays?

Orthodontic x-rays, also known as dental radiographs, play a crucial role in orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning. These x-rays capture detailed images of teeth, bones, and gums and provide essential information for orthodontists to properly diagnose and plan each patient’s treatment.

Lateral Cephalometric (Lat-Ceph) X-rays:

These x-rays offer a comprehensive view of the side profile of the face. By analysing skeletal structures, tooth positioning, and growth potential, orthodontists can identify any underlying issues. Lat-Ceph x-rays help assess the alignment and inclination of individual teeth, providing a detailed understanding of each patient’s unique dental condition.

Orthopantomogram (OPG) X-rays:

OPG x-rays provide a panoramic view of the entire oral cavity. They allow orthodontists to detect hidden issues such as impacted teeth, dental infections and abnormalities. Identifying these problems early ensures optimal oral health outcomes and informs appropriate orthodontic treatment planning.

When are Orthodontic X-rays Needed?

Dr Wishney may ask that you have x-rays taken at specific times throughout your treatment. Generally, at least one x-ray is required before you can commence treatment as an x-ray will help determine if there are any underlying oral health problems. Issues like gum disease must be addressed before starting orthodontic treatment. X-rays are also used to assess any unerupted or trapped teeth, jaw joint problems and airway dimensions.

During orthodontic treatment, additional x-rays may be taken as they can provide information for bracket realignment or to check tooth and root positions.

You may also need post-treatment x-rays to evaluate results and monitor any unerupted wisdom teeth. This ensures their impact or any infection doesn’t jeopardise your new smile.

In conclusion, orthodontic x-rays provide valuable insights into tooth roots, jawbones, and overall oral health. They ensure specialist orthodontists like Dr Wishney can create personalised treatment plans which take into account your full dental history and situation. If you’d like to make an appointment with Dr Wishney and his amazing team at Newcastle Orthodontics, book a consultation and let’s chat!

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