How Do We Fix an Increased Overjet with Orthodontics?

Meet Dr Morgan Wishney

An increased overjet, often referred to as “buck teeth”, is one of the most common orthodontic concerns patients present with when they visit Newcastle Orthodontics.

This type of malocclusion means that your top front teeth stick out well past your lower teeth, sometimes even past the lower lip. 

What Causes An Increased Overjet?

There can be many causes for an increased overjet, including a smaller lower jaw, a discrepancy between tooth size and jaw size (large teeth with a small jaw) and even some habits seen in younger children such as prolonged thumb sucking.

Is An Increased Overjet Bad?

One common question we hear from patients and parents when someone presents with an overbite, is, “What happens if I don’t correct my overjet? Is it bad to not start orthodontic treatment?”

When a patient asks these questions, our specialist orthodontist, Dr Morgan Wishney, always provides honest and professional advice specific to the cause of your bite. In some cases, treatment may be recommended sooner, particularly if there is an increased risk of trauma to your teeth or if you have self-image concerns.

Can Orthodontics Correct An Increased Overjet?

When you book your initial consultation with Newcastle Orthodontics, you will be provided with a comprehensive orthodontic treatment plan that is suited to your specific needs and age.

In most cases, orthodontic treatment with metal or clear braces, or clear aligner treatment such as Invisalign will be recommended. Both braces and clear aligner treatment work by gently shifting the teeth over a prolonged period of time to bring them into proper alignment, closing any gaps between the teeth and bringing your upper and lower teeth into proper alignment. The type of treatment recommended and duration of your treatment will depend on the underlying cause of your increased overjet as well as the severity of your case.

If you are aware that you or your child have an increased overbite and are concerned, we recommend that you book an initial consultation at Newcastle Orthodontics to discuss your options or call our wonderful team on (02) 4942 3769 who can help get you started on your orthodontic journey. 

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