Braces in Television and Movies

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Do you love watching movies and television? Maybe you’ve spotted some cool characters going through orthodontic treatment. Braces have not only transformed teeth but have also become character props in television and movies. From endearing coming-of-age stories to iconic characters proudly sporting braces, the portrayal of orthodontic treatment has left a lasting impression on pop culture globally. 

Have you spotted these famous braces?

Television and film often use braces as a visual cue, symbolising adolescence, vulnerability, or a character’s growth. In the classic coming-of-age film “The Princess Diaries,” braces become an integral part of the main character Mia Thermopolis’s journey, reflecting not just her physical transformation into the queen of Genovia but also the emotional challenges of being a teenager.

The iconic film “The Goonies” also features a character affectionately known as “Metal Mouth,” who proudly wears braces. This movie not only incorporates braces as a humorous element but also uses them to underscore the diversity and unity among a group of misfit kids on a thrilling adventure.

The internationally acclaimed film “Little Miss Sunshine” includes a character named Dwayne, a teenager who takes a vow of silence until he achieves his dream of becoming a pilot. Dwayne’s braces become a visual representation of his commitment and determination, further highlighting the impact that orthodontic treatment can have on an individual’s personal journey and overall growth.

The use of braces in international cinema is not confined to lighthearted or dramatic portrayals alone. In the film “My Left Foot,” which tells the true story of Christy Brown, a man with cerebral palsy, braces are a crucial aspect of his daily life. The film provides a poignant portrayal of the challenges faced by individuals with physical disabilities and the importance of adaptive orthodontic solutions.

So, what’s the braces low-down?

Whether featured in Hollywood blockbusters or critically acclaimed international films, braces continue to play a versatile role in storytelling. Beyond their cosmetic significance, braces help to reflect characters’ personalities, struggles, and triumphs, and oftentimes when the braces are removed from the character, a confident and flawless individual remains. 

As the world of entertainment evolves, the portrayal of braces remains a dynamic and intriguing element, shaping and reflecting societal perceptions of growth, change, and the universal journey toward self-discovery. 

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